roll top desks antique

How to Know the Age of Roll Top Desks

If you are looking for antique roll top desks, then you need to know the signs of age in the furniture, otherwise you may choose the wrong furniture and overpaid it. That is just how challenging it is to buy antique desk. Of course you may also depend on the information provided by the items if only you know that the seller is trustworthy. If he is trustworthy, you may […]

cute desk accessories set

The Cute Desk Accessories form Poppin

Offices may be filled with serious people rushing past each other trying to finish their works. Although we work to make money, but with this sight every single day, live at the office can be quite boring. When we are bored, we would not be able to come up with the best results from our work. So how do we keep ourselves from being bored and at the same time […]

murphy bed desk twin

Small Space Solution, the Murphy Bed Desk Combo

The Murphy bed desk is also known as the fold – down bed, the hideaway bed, the foldaway or the wall bed, but unlike the regular Murphy bed, this one is equipped a desk underneath the bed which will open when the bed is folded to the wall. Talking about save saver, it will always remind us about some furniture at the space and price of one! However, the setback […]

corner computer desks target

Would Corner Computer Desks Be Good for You?

Undeniably, corner computer desks are one of the best options for small office spaces. Thus it comes to no surprise that the corner desks would be the solutions that people are looking for to furnish the small spaces. They have the ability to maximize the surface with the available space, even though it is limited. It is a good solution because it is not only a good solution but also […]

computer desk design for home

Best Computer Desks for Home

Computer at home is very common this era. We need it to work, study, browse, play game, and so on. Having a computer at home means that we need a cozy place or space to work with it. Of course we need a desk to put this computer. Yes, computer desks for home. This article will discuss some tips to choose the best desk for your computer at home. Good […]